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Your signature on the enrollment form serves to confirm that you have thoroughly read and understood all Academy policies as set forth. Please familiarize yourself with the following studio policies. If you have any questions, our office staff is always happy to assist you.



It is the responsibility of the parent or adult student to be aware of Academy activities such as recitals and dates the school is open and closed. The Academy will post notices on the bulletin board and Facebook and notify you by e-mail. If students wish to participate in recitals, certificate of merit exams, or in other events, it is the parent’s responsibility to be aware of dates, deadlines, and fees, if any.



All lessons are on a year-round basis.  The monthly tuition is a flat fee regardless of the number of lessons per month.  All lessons will occur on a weekly basis with 6 scheduled weeks off (Thanksgiving, 2 weeks in December, Spring Break, and the week of 4th of July) and 1 week reserved for recitals in May.  Therefore, there will be 46 weeks of instruction every year.



In the continued effort to provide make-up lessons, we must adhere to the following guidelines:


ALL STUDENTS- There are no make-ups for a missed lesson without prior notification.  There are no refunds for missed lessons. Make-up lessons are not guaranteed.


GROUP STUDENTS- Make-up lessons must occur within 30 days.  After 30 days, make-up lessons will be forfeited.  Please notify the office by 6pm the business day before a known absence to schedule a make-up. In case of illness or emergency, please notify the office before the class begins.  Group students will be rescheduled into another class as space allows. 


PRIVATE STUDENTS- Please notify the office by 6 pm the business day before a known absence. Private students are allowed one make-up lesson per quarter during performance workshop week. Make-ups are forfeited after each performance workshop week.



As a courtesy, we ask that all withdrawal requests be made 2 weeks in advance. Please request and complete a Withdrawal Form from the academy. This will allow time to cancel any future automatic credit card charges and inform the instructor. No refunds or credits will be given for materials.



All enrollment and studio fees are nonrefundable.



Even though FPA conducts lessons year-round, we understand that some families take extended vacations. If a student wishes to take 1 month or more off and not lose their Academy enrollment status, students must do one of the following:

Private Students: must pay half of the monthly tuition to reserve their spot with their current teacher.

Group Students: may request to suspend tuition for 1 month only. Additional months may be taken off by paying half of the monthly tuition.


Note: The only other option in all cases is to withdraw from the Academy and re-enroll upon your return.



Group students are expected to practice a minimum of 1-2 hours a week (based on their book color).  Please refer to their Practice Agreement.

Private students are expected to practice a minimum of 2 to 4 hours per week.

Adult students should strive for a minimum of 2 hours per week.


Students failing to maintain their practice commitment may be subject to the terms for termination of lessons as described below.  All students should have an appropriate instrument on which to practice, such as a digital or acoustic piano. Acoustic pianos should be tuned regularly (once per year).


Important: Portable keyboards (while not preferred) are acceptable for beginning students for the first 6 months of lessons only.  Keyboards do not promote the development of strong finger joints.  A student’s posture at the instrument is also very important for their overall development.  Please ensure that they are sitting at the proper height.



In the event of irregular attendance, repeated failure to prepare assigned materials, or unacceptable behavior, the academy may terminate lessons. A one-month trial period with parent notification will precede lesson termination.



The Academy is not responsible for providing before or after class care for students. Please do not drop off or pick up students more than five minutes before or after class.



Tuition is collected in advance automatically by credit card on the 1st of every month. All books and materials will also be charged to the same credit card on file unless other arrangements are made in advance. Invoices for books and materials will be e-mailed to you for your records.



Parents, legal guardians of minor students, and adult students waive the right to any legal action for any injury sustained on or around the school property resulting from normal lesson activity or any other activity conducted by the students before, during, or after their lesson time.



The Academy reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher if the regularly scheduled teacher is ill or otherwise unable to attend a lesson. If a teacher is ill and the Academy cannot arrange a substitute, any missed lessons will be made up.



The Academy is hereby granted permission to take photographs or video of the students for use in brochures, websites, posters, advertisements and other promotional materials the Academy creates.


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