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Comments From Our Families

Thank you for helping me start my piano journey.  I learned a lot from you through 13 years at the Academy!


Thank you for the wonderful experience.  All the kids had a wonderful time learning Piano.

-Heather and Daisey T (4/14/16)

Thank you for everything you've taught Jake over the years! We appreciate all your time, energy, and patience. I look forward to seeing you all again when Karli starts lessons. Take care and thanks again!

-Bill and Susie G (11/9/2015)

Caleb has LOVED, LOVED, LOVED having R as his piano teacher! so it is with a very heavy heart that we have decided today that we are going to have to give a local (Auburn) teacher a try instead. With Caleb changing schools, having much, much more homework in middle school, and with interest in an after school club we found it absolutely necessary to avoid  the longer commute time from Auburn to Folsom to Cool, etc.  We certainly appreciate all FPA has done for us (and sooooo many other students) for so many years.  We wanted to let you know just as soon as we decided that we found a teacher in Auburn who would be "okay."  With the few teachers we've been interviewing the last week and a half, Caleb and I always started with saying that "Caleb LOVES his current piano teacher" but needed something more local.... We will keep FPA in mind in the coming years as you never know......Caleb's schedule may allow for the commute sometime again or we may find that nothing beats FPA.


Thank you so very much!

-Cheryl D (2/4/14)

I have (and Autumn has) loved everything about Folsom Piano Academy.  We so enjoyed it ... and I am so appreciative of the education and nice memories!

-Michelle D (1/14/14)

Dustin had a good four years learning piano at Folsom Piano Academy... This year he is going to high school and had asked me to allow him stop the lessons so he can concentrate on the school and other activities he will be taking. I am writing this to thank you for all the care, kindness and love Dustin received during the past few years.

-Hanni (8/11/13)

   Thank you all for organizing such a wonderful evening where the little pianists could perform on stage to their family and friends, that too at a wonderful venue, The Folsom Three Stages. 


  It was a proud moment for Rahul and he's already looking forward to his next recital! 


The event was well organized. We all had a great time seeing the kids perform. It was awesome that each group was a mix of students at different levels in their Piano lessons. It was a good learning experience for the beginners, who could see how the advanced songs could be performed. For the advanced students a wonderful opportunity to showcase their skills.


Overall it was a great event and thank each one of you at Folsom Piano Academy for that.


-Supriya S. (5/21/13)

It's been an honour learning the art of piano all these years from your excellent instructors. While I may not have realized it at the time, the lessons I've learned in music theory, as well as the significant brain development, will serve me greatly for the rest of my life. I wish to express my sincerest gratitude for providing me this training.

-Michael T. (5/20/13)

A friend of mine who heard Achyutha play before he moved to Folsom Piano Academy heard him play piano the other day, as he was practicing.  She immediately enquired if I switched the teachers or something -- as she sees that he plays so well now!!



Credit goes to your teachers. They do a great job.

-Vijay T. (4/10/13)


I really enjoyed the [adult piano] social.  It inspired me to practice more and work harder on my piano.  Thanks.

Cindy M. (3/21/13)

Thanks for another great year of lessons.  We've been taking piano from you for as long as I can remember.  We both enjoy your patience with us and your great attitude towards us as students.  It really makes us want to strive for the best every time we sit down to play.  You make piano such an enjoyable instrument to learn. 

Chethan and Kieran S. (12/21/12)

I want to thank you for doing such a great job teaching piano to our kids. We know that it is not easy and appreciate very much all you, and [their teacher], do for them. We can see they are advancing by leaps and bounds and we are very happy with their progress.


Manny K. (5/31/12)

Dear friends at Folsom Piano Academy, I hope all of you are doing well. I've been wanting to give you an update on what I've been doing. I have declared my major in Political Science, and I have decided to minor in Music (at UC Berkeley)... I took a placement test and got to skip several beginning classes in Musicianship and Harmony because of my previous training in theory and piano performance--all thanks to you. Speaking of theory, this summer I got my AP scores in the mail and I got a 5 (out of 5) on the AP Music exam. I attribute my experiences at the academy to that.


At the time, going to class each week, I didn't really see the big picture; but now, looking back, I realize that the instruction I received in lessons and theory classes was exceptionally outstanding. All of this has been and will to continue to be beneficial to my music endeavors... I miss coming to lessons, learning theory, assisting with group lessons, performing at recitals, and talking with you. There have been so many times this year (whether taking tests or sight reading or rehearsing or performing) that I have been thankful for the wonderful experiences I had at the academy and the appreciation for music I developed that will truly be eternal. Hope to see you soon! Thanks again.


Derek L. (2/21/11)

The girls LOVED the theory class - they were so energized afterwards. They said it was really helpful :))Thanks


Christy W. (10/4/10)

Ashley is so excited about the up-coming ice-cream treat this Wednesday. Funny how these little things mean so much to kids this age. Thanks so much for all you guys do to inspire the children to love playing the piano. I play several hours a day (usually practicing for church or program accompaniments and for just the pure joy it brings me) and I know my life has been greatly enriched because I have been able to pour my heart and soul out via the piano keys. Hoping Ashley will be forever in-love with the piano, too


Sheryl Y. (8/8/10)

Thank you for such kind words for Sammy and his piano playing abilities! I'm very pleased with his progress over the past few years, and agree that he has the talent and interest to continue playing the piano. I would also like to express my gratitude for all the encouragement that his teachers and the staff have given him. The instructional environment is so positive and provides strong motivation without being overly strict which works well for Sammy. He's quite proud of his trophies!


Mary Kae K. (6/10/10)

I have taught music for over 25 years and I have never had a 6th grade student accompany a choir song. Elizabeth played with sensitivity, not as a soloist. If she lost her place in our first few rehearsals, she was quickly able to find where the choir was singing. She mastered "not missing a beat" with a page turner. When we were ready for performance, I didn't even need to think about her at the keyboard because she was so confident. I could focus on the choir and the rather challenging two-part harmonies. She is a dedicated student who has obviously had very good instruction. Some of her talent is a gift, but a lot of her ability is a result of great teaching and hours of practice!


Bev H. (6/3/10)

It was truly a pleasure and wonderful experience for Ariel and our family to attend the Thursday, piano recital in the Church in Cameron Park. All the children are so talented and have truly benefited from your instruction. We appreciate you and your staff, creating these opportunities for our kids and we look forward to the next one.


Lorie S. (5/26/10)

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