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Group Classes

Group classes are the perfect place for beginning students to start, and continuing students to develop their skills!  Students in Group Classes will work on reading music, music theory, and technique while building their repertoire.


FPA Group Classes offer students a chance to socialize and participate in games, while pursuing music at their own pace.  Classes are organized by level, but how quickly students move through a level is completely up to them!  Every student receives an individualized assignment each week, and has that assignment individually reviwed the following week.


Group Classes meet once a week for 50 minutes.  Students have a digital piano dedicated to their use for the entire class.  Digital pianos have weighted keys, and allow students and teachers to listen via headphones.


We allow up to 6 students per class.  All classes with more than 4 students are led by a teacher and an assistant.


Call our office if you would like to hear more about our classes, or if you would like to schedule a tour!

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