Group Piano

         NEW STUDENTS: (Group Classes are 50 minutes long and offered Monday-Saturday)
         New students who are in 1st to 5th grade in school are eligible for our Time to Begin Classes which are designed for beginners.

Students who are in 6th grade or older and have no prior piano experience can join any open Teen/Adult class at any time.

Students of any age who have previous experience need to set-up an assessment by contacting the front desk.  


We know not all students learn the same way, and that is why

FPA offers traditional and creative approaches to our classes.

$0 Enrollment Fees!



In our group classes...

What to expect online or in-studio.

Spaces fill up fast!

In our group classes whether online or in-studio, students work individually and sometimes as a group, while utilizing assigned method books. Students develop a firm foundation in music reading, theory, and playing skills. We also have a few classes offered with a "creative-style" touch. All classes have highly trained instructors! Contact us for more information on our group classes.

                                         Private Lessons

PRIVATE LESSONS:  For Intermediate to advanced students.  For new students with previous experience an evaluation will given first. Student may be placed in group classes first or placed in private if they meet the intermediate requirements. If student is already in group classes, their teacher as well as the director of FPA may recommend private lessons when student is ready. (Please feel free to ask if student is ready for private lessons).


In Our Private Lessons

Our private lessons are available at various times, Monday-Saturday. All private lessons take place on acoustic pianos. Please request an assessment appointment for the best placement.



Our private students are eligible to participate in the Certificate of Merit Program

Folsom Piano Academy offers students who wish to participate in the annual Certificate of Merit testing through the Music Teachers Association of California the opportunity to prepare with us. 


Additional Theory Classes are offered in the Fall for the CM program.  Please contact our office for more information.

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