916.985.9443 Est. 1996
 916.985.9443Est. 1996


Here at Folsom Piano Academy, we believe that music can have a positive impact on your life. We believe that learning the piano can be a fun and enjoyable experience. Our students learn valuable life skills like perseverance, patience, attention to detail, confidence and a greater ability to communicate.


We have served the greater Folsom area since 1996. We take pride in teaching students how to read music and become proficient piano players. Our staff consists of dedicated teachers with advanced degrees in piano performance and pedagogy. Each teacher is encouraged to collaborate with their co-teachers to provide students with the best experience possible.  We tailor our methods so that each student can enjoy a lifetime of music and reach their full potential.


With the advent of group lessons, hundreds of students have been able to experience the joy of learning how to play the piano Folsom Piano Academy. By using a digital piano lab with headphones, students receive individualized instruction in a group setting and develop confidence in playing for others.


Whether the lessons are for an adult or a child, you have the choice between several different options for piano lessons. We invite you to tour our studio and come experience the excitement of music!

HEAR the Music!
I would like to borrow a famous quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer: If you change the way you see things, the things you see change.  Now to put a musical twist on that:  "If you change the way you HEAR things, the things you HEAR will change!"  I think most students approach their music simply as the process of learning a long sequence of dots on a page that somehow get transmitted onto the piano keys, hopefully at the right time.  It's important to remember; however, that composers compose not because they're bored, but because they are inspired by life!  Take a moment to imagine what may have been the inspiration.  What emotion lies behind all those seemingly random black and white dots.  Is there anger, fear, hope, love, despair, sadness, joy?  HEAR the emotion in the music.


If the title of your piece happens to be something generic like "Sonatina" or "Minuet" which simply is a term for a particular form, remember that most composers also wrote music for orchestras and other instruments!  Composers knew what violins sounded like, and flutes and french horns, etc.  Imagine different instruments playing different parts of your piece, whether it's the melody or accompaniment, a B section or a climactic moment.  If you play your piece imagining how it would sound on different instruments, I guarantee you will begin to HEAR your music differently!  And when you begin to HEAR your music in this way, the music will come to life and you will experience it in a whole new way! 

                                                                                                                                                                                         -Ms. Jeanette

Director Jeanette Munroe

Director Jeanette Munroe holds a Bachelor Degree in Piano Performance from Santa Clara University and a Masters in Piano Pedagogy from CSU-Northridge.


Each of the private instructors at Folsom Piano Academy are members of the Music Teachers Association of California which maintains high membership standards and enables our teachers to offer the Certificate of Merit program. More information about MTAC can be found at their website www.mtac.org


Our group instructors have at either a Bachelor Degree in piano and/or many years of playing/teaching experience including extensive training with Jeanette.

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