Here at Folsom Piano Academy, we believe that music can have a positive impact on your life.

We believe that learning the piano can be a fun and enjoyable experience. Our students learn valuable life skills like perseverance, patience, attention to detail, confidence and a greater ability to communicate.


We have served the greater Folsom area since 1996. We take pride in teaching students how to read music and become proficient piano players. Our staff consists of dedicated teachers with advanced degrees in piano performance and pedagogy. Each teacher is encouraged to collaborate with their co-teachers to provide students with the best experience possible.  We tailor our methods so that each student can enjoy a lifetime of music and reach their full potential.


With the advent of group lessons, hundreds of students, including adults, have been able to experience the joy of learning how to play the piano at Folsom Piano Academy. By using a digital piano lab with headphones, students receive individualized instruction in a group setting and develop confidence in playing for others.


Whether the lessons are for an adult or a child, you have the choice between several different options for piano lessons. We invite you to tour our studio and come experience the excitement of music!

Our Teachers

Mr. Wesley

Group Instructor

Mr. Matt

Group Instructor

Ms. Cindy

Group Instructor

Ms. Rachel

Private Instructor

Ms. Melissa

Group/Private Instructor

Ms. Goryana

Private Instructor

Mr. Michael

Private Instructor

Ms. Qi-Qing

Private Instructor

Mr. John

Group/Private Instructor

Jeanette's Corner

Oh my, as a pianist growing up, I always cringed when I heard those words. Usually, it was my father asking me to play something when visitors came to the house. I, naturally, never had anything "ready." Sometimes, I would get the condescending remark from my dad about not being able to play something after x number of years of lessons. You know how that goes.


Now, as an adult (and after some therapy), I am able to understand that my dad may just have been a little frustrated because he was actually proud of me and wanted others to hear me play! Besides, he was the one that splurged on a grand piano for me when all I wanted to do was quit. Today, I am eternally grateful to and for my dad.


So here's an idea for all students that can enhance their overall enjoyment of knowing how to play the piano without having to cringe when being asked, "Can you play something?" Try maintaining a "Favorite Songs" list. Or better yet, as I recently saw someone share on a Piano Pedagogy Forum, create an AAA List!


A "Triple A" list are songs (or "pieces" which is the more formal name) that students can play Anywhere, Anytime, and for Anybody! Ideally, these would be songs that are polished and memorized since students may not always have the sheet music with them.


How many pieces should be on a student's AAA List? Well that all depends, but I would try to start with at least 3. Then additional pieces can be added, or swapped. Students are in control. And these pieces can be easily maintained by just playing through 2-3 times a week.


Happy Practicing and Building Your AAA List!


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