916-985-9443 Est. 1996
 916-985-9443Est. 1996

Est. 1996

FOLSOM PIANO ACADEMY  Providing students with the skills they need to enjoy music for a lifetime!



 New Students: Online Lessons

We are busy putting together new classes for beginners, call us today for more information. (916) 985-9443)


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Through our small group classes of 3-5 students, students receive individualized instruction and assignments to help them develop a firm foundation in music reading, theory and playing skills.  Group lessons are 50 minutes long once a week.  Once they reach an early-intermediate level, they have the option to move to private lessons with the approval of their teacher and the Director.  


Previous Experience:

PRIVATE LESSONS are reserved for intermediate to advanced students. Click above on lesson tab for more details.
Teen / Adult lessons available.


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Looking for Enthusiastic Assistants

If you're in high school and need volunteer hours for school, we are looking for assistants to help out in our lower level classes.  If you're at least 16, we are also hiring assistants.  Please see Ms. Jeanette for more details.  You can work just a couple hours a week as your schedule allows.  We are very accommodating. 


Digital Pianos Available for Rent.



Monday- Friday: 2:30-6:30
Saturday: 10:00-12:30
Lessons offered at additional times


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Do you have previous piano experience?

Did your teacher have to stop teaching?

Do you have not enough to do at home?

YEAH, WE HAVE THE ANSWER: Contact us now for an assessment! 

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Digital Pianos Available For Rent

                                 Rent for only $35 / Month


Digital Pianos Vs Keyboards:

Digital Pianos are not Keyboards and vice versa. 

Digital pianos are the closest thing to real "acoustic" pianos.  Keyboards simply operate as a lever system where the sound is generated by depressing the lever.  The performer has no control over how the sound "comes out."  In addition, since the keys on a keyboard are not weighted, students do not develop the proper strenth in their finger joints.  The longer a student is on a keyboard the more detrimental it is to their musical and pianistic development.

Benefits of Group Lessons:

Here at FPA we use full size digital pianos with headphones to aid in the students finest concentration!


  • Group lessons provide more "hands-on" time at the piano since lessons are longer.
  • Group lessons help to increase a student's attention span.
  • Teachers have more opportunities for class-like instruction making learning more enjoyable.
  • Teachers can use drill concepts and notes through the use of games and flashcards.
  • Students have the opportunity to perform regularly.
  • Some students enjoy the healthy competition of trying to "out-perform" their classmates.
  • Students are exposed to a wider range of music.
  • Students develop their listening skills observing their classmates performance.
  • Students enjoy seeing their peers each week....and it's fun!!

So what are you waiting for?   Sign your child up now!

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